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Two workshops with Dietske Van Kessel

2-3 September Hastings | 24-25 September Wellington

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September, 2015


If you are dealing with people in business, whether presenting plans to senior management or engaging junior staff, selling or promoting, being able to persuade and influence others in a calm and positive way is a valuable asset.

You want to take people with you to where you want to go, happily and persuasively, in a collaborative movement that provides a win/win situation for everyone.  You can’t bully people around to your point of view, or order them to agree with you and still maintain a positive workplace. You have an idea and you need to win people to your point of view, you want people to trust you and know it is in their best interest to follow your lead.

You might work with difficult personalities or in a stressful environment, where winning people to your point of view takes real skill. You may not notice where assertive slips over the line to aggressive behaviour. You may be up against pushy people or difficult conflicts with long and complex histories.

The good news is that persuading people and finding compromise in difficult situations is a learned skill. It takes a good and experienced teacher, training and practice.

Dietske Van Kessel has strategies and behaviours that will help you understand what motivates people and how to influence their opinions. With practice, these strategies will become part of the way you work and make dealing with people the most enjoyable part of your day.

“Definitely the best presentation programme I had so far. It will change my preparation & presenting formats in the future in a super positive way.”

Two workshops in two locations:


Understanding Motivators
Wednesday 2nd September

Influencing Opinion
Thursday 3rd September


Understanding Motivators
Thursday 24th September

Influencing Opinion
Friday 25th September

Understanding Motivators Workshop


Despite all your efforts, information and arguments sometimes people don’t hear what you’re saying and don’t want to listen or buy-in on your message or viewpoint. Well, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So what is it that drives a buy-in and what changes peoples’ mind?

The Understanding Motivators Workshop will help you to understand and analyse what motivates and drives others. You will gain skills to develop, refine, and structure messages that address the information needs of your audience, speaking to either individuals or groups.

Influencing Opinion Workshop


You can learn to influence others by understanding and leveraging their point of view.

People change their mind often.

On this workshop, we will help you understand why people change their minds, and help you to present your suggested direction as a positive alternative.

One thing is certain: You can never change somebody’s mind by challenging their judgment or by putting them under pressure.


Be inspired by Dietske van Kessel

Dietske Van Kessel

Former owner of Van Kessel & Partners BV, Management Consultants in Business Communication in the Netherlands with partners in The Benelux, US and Asia.

After spending a year in Switzerland and acquiring more fluency in French, Dietske van Kessel moved back to the Netherlands to start a study in law. Three years into her studies Dietske received an invitation to work for the Swiss Tourist Board as a liaison and information officer. From the tourist industry Dietske moved to the diamond business selling cut diamonds to international buyers from all over the world. Her next position was as the first female salesperson in the ICT industry selling computer equipment to large computer mainframe users like banks, insurance companies and various industries in the Benelux.

In 1981, Dietske became a non-executive director of Telecomputing plc. a British software company selling to ICL mainframe users. While taking Telecomputing to the London Stock exchange, Dietske went to the US for an extensive training programme in Business Communication Skills. After successfully taking Telecomputing to the London Stock Exchange, she set up her own company Van Kessel & Partners in the Netherlands with partners in the US, Benelux and Asia.

Since the inception of Van Kessel & Partners she has worked with many international and national companies and government and non-profit agencies in the role of communication consultant, advisor and trainer. One of her recent projects was to prepare management and employees of the Dutch equivalent of Work and Income to bring about change and coach the management and employees of a young production company to set up a successful sales and export business unit in Europe and Australasia.

Dietske has published books on presenting and selling in Dutch. She now lives in New Zealand in Hawkes’ Bay.

Price & Registration

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One day course is $350 (GST inc) for the full day for either course.

If you book a second course, the discounted price for this is $290 (GST inc)

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Venues & Dates

Understanding Motivators
Wednesday 2 September
9.00am – 4.30pm

Influencing Opinion
Thursday 3 September
9.00am – 4.30pm

Havelock North Function Centre
30 Te Mata Road,
Havelock North

Understanding Motivators:
Thursday 24 September
9.00am – 4.30pm

Influencing Opinion:
Friday 25 September
9.00am – 4.30pm

L15 Grant Thornton House
215 Lambton Quay

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